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Your Holiday Rental in South West of France

Have you ever wanted to visit South West of France ? For your holiday rental, our chalets village sits  on a perfect and lovely greenery cocoon by our lake.

All the major touristic sites and country side activities of Tarn are just a few miles away from your next summer holiday rental :

  • Albi a UNESCO World Heritage site,
  • Toulouse,
  • Le Grand Mautauban,
  • Cordes sur Ciel
  • and the famous Tarn medieval cities all sites of Grands Sites Occitanie,
  • Vineyards of Gaillac.

Fairy Smile, Fairy Garden, Fairy Sleepy, Fairy Meetings and their friends are devoted to make you live natural, friendly and enchanting holidays in an exceptional place. Out of time, family time, lovers time, you to chose, everything is possible.

Your favorite fairies can also organise your special eventsBook an afternoon for your kid’s birthday, a night party with friends by the lake or a family brunch. Your nature project needs a place, we have the facilites.

Discover Our Wooden Chalets

Our wooden chalets are located among trees forming a perfect shady place for hot summer days.
They all have a terrasse and are fully furnished and fitted with all a house appliances. The constructions all respect environment.
We are opened all year long.
Discover all Chalets

Tourism in Tarn

You can enjoy all around the camp : walks in the nature, gastronomy, historical and natural sites, wine tours, ...
Design your holidays in Tarn by asking for our precious insights.
Your Holiday Rental in South West of France
“Enjoy your time in Fairy Land...”
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